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Too High?
Dont Panic!

Our expert formulated THC Control spray is terpene infused and was created to ease these uncomfortable effects while maintaining the euphoric state.

Spray Nozzle

For convenient dosing in your time of need.

Original Formula

Our formula was created to control the sometimes uncomfortable effects of THC Consumption

Terpene Infused

SMACK'D contains a combination of terpenes and aromatic ingredients like Black Pepper Oil to enhance the relaxing effects of our product.

300mg of THC Free CBD

One of the key ingredients in our award winning formula is Broad Spectrum CBD. Our Broad Spectrum CBD is packed with Minor Cannabinoids and is 100% THC free.

SMACK'D Has Your Back!

When the highest of highs quickly becomes the lowest a lows, SMACK'D is there to keep YOU in control!


How To Use

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Learn the truth about SMACK'D
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SMACK'Dâ„¢ - THC Control

Helps control THC induced anxiety
Too High? Don't panic, get SMACK'D!
Properietary blend of CBD and Terpenes

THC Control Activated

Our terpene infused suppressant spray is just what you need to take away the unhealthy drowsiness experienced from THC gone wrong. For those who constantly experience the jarring, disconcerting feeling when the THC starts kicking in, you wouldn't want to miss out SMACK'D.

SMACK'D leaves you feeling euphoric and refreshed at the same time. A priceless feeling that very few known, and even fewer are able to conjure at a go.

With our SMACK'D THC Control in your pockets, you literally have the power to summon the best of highs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SMACK'D kill your high?

No! SMACK’D does not kill your high. SMACK’D was created to ease the sometimes uncomfortable effects of THC while maintaining euphoria!

Does SMACK'D work with edibles?

Yes! SMACK’D can be very effective in controlling the aftermacth of eating one too many edibles.

Does SMACK'D work with Delta-8?

Yes! As D8 products become more popular and easy to access, it is common for users to over indulge and if you do, don’t worry SMACK’D got your back!

How long does SMACK'D take to work?

Good question! Our special blend of terpenes combined with the frankincense and peppermint is very aromatic and creates an almost immediate calming effect while the CBD and Black Pepper Oil go to work on your enocannabinoid system. Maximum results typically occur within 10 mins.

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